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OTHER Ministries

Usher and Greeter Ministry

The first impression is significant for us.  We believe that the first 10 seconds, first 10 minutes, the newcomers in the church will decide if she or he will stay.  Our greeters and ushers will help you to feel comfortable and welcome as a family of NCC

Police and Traffic Officers Ministry

This is where Pastor Edwin ministers to the Police officers, traffic enforcers and even jail guards and prisoners too- sharing God's love and message morning before they go to their post.


These are the group of mothers who help in preparing nutritious food in the feeding program.  They pray for the ingredients first before starting their plan for the day.  They also cook food when we have a project on Blessing the City.

Career Guidance

We connect to licensed Guidance Counselors who give free counselling for those students who are in Senior High School and about to enter College.  As Early as Grade 7, we start to discuss to them the possible career that they can choose and help them balance life with academic excellence and deep relationship and service for God’s ministry.

Marriage/Couple Ministry

The Marriage/Couple Ministry seeks to provide an arena for the fellowship of married couples to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and enhance the marriage relationship through biblical and practical resource information as well as insightful and recreation experiences.

Medical Assistance

Every year, we connect to Barrio Care, an organization that gives free medical assistance, lecture, free consultation and circumcision during summer.

Scholarship and Financial Grant

We award this program to financially challenge but well deserved child.  Kids/youth are sent to a private school for college, stipend, school supplies, uniform, school bags and shoes.

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