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New Covenant Manila Global Harvest Inc.(NCC) started on August  2011 in the house where Rev. Edwin R. Colangoy and his wife, Ms. Rax rented.  It was a clear vision for Rev. Ricardo R. Alberto of NCC Qatar and Rev. Colangoy of starting and pioneering an independent church both in Manila and Qatar.  It was through yahoo messenger then when they prayed together and shared each other’s burden and vision for the ministry.  It was in their living room where people met every Sunday.  They started a cell group every day, it was 1st attended by 2 to 3 families and a couple of young people. In the same way, Rev. Alberto started in Doha Qatar. October of same year when Rev. Edwin met the owner of Siegranz Chemworks, a company and the maker of various products such as Watson, Natasha and other beauty products and offered NCC to use their auditorium.  It was their stock room turned to be a Worship Center.


October 2011 when NCC had its 1st Worship Service at Siegranz Building.  They started with 1 acoustic guitar and a beat box.  People saw the vision of NCC and a lot of them were used by God to purchase musical instruments and mono block chairs.


In February 2012, the R.A.G.E.D-Raising Up a Generation of Excellent Disciples was born.  It was the youth arm of NCC.  It’s a night of partying and worshiping God.  Since then, every month, the young people of NCC and their invites meet together for a night of Youth Service.  The same year, the NCC Feeding Program started.  At first, it was only at DBP Road attended by 20-30 kids, now we are catering to 80-100 kids every Saturday.  Truly, the Lord is amazing.


In March 2012, Rev. Edwin and his wife Rax travelled going to Taguidin Ilocos Sur.  They started the ministry there with Pastora Ruth Bunoan.  Just the same with NCC Manila, the church was born in their house.  This time it was in their balcony.  Their worship service every Sunday is attended by 10-15 members.  We call them NCC Ilocos.


In August 2015, the SEC Registration of the church was approved and was released.  It was in time for their 4th Anniversary when it was granted.  December 2015, Philippine Statistics Authority recognizes us and released the License to Officiate Wedding to Rev. Edwin R. Colangoy.  


It was a painful and hard journey to win people for God’s Kingdom but the vision was so clear that every member of NCC in Manila, Ilocos and Qatar cannot afford to stop discipling and winning souls.

In November 2015, the feeding program was revived in the nearby streets where 20-30 kids are attending.  At that time the church has a very few workers and volunteers.  Two were assigned to cook, another mother was assigned to prepare the food for the kids.


It was February 2016 when NCC met Sis Maria or the church fond of calling her Tita Maria.  She was introduced by Sis Olive Flores, the God Mother of Pastor Edwin and Rax.  She was able to meet the 40-60 kids at that time.  As the word of the Lord came to the church through Sis. Maria to gather even the parents, sisters, aunties and uncles of the kids, there birth the NCC Parents’ Assembly.  Since then, the church invited the parents of the kids for an “assembly” but the main purpose was to win the parents of the kids.  Now, more and more families are being added to their numbers.  From 7-10 attenders, they have an average of 100 attender in 1 service. 


It was a blessing too when Tita Maria came again and brought Tito David to NCC.  They’ve seen face to face the result of the word that challenged NCC to gather and shepherd God’s people.  It was almost a year after she first visited the ministry.  For almost one year they have supported morally, financially and spiritually the ministry specially the feeding program.


Through the Parents’ Assembly, the Lord have raised leaders and volunteers and even the sisters of these kids are now part of the RAGED (Raing Up a Generation with Excellent Destiny).  This is the youth arm of NCC.  They serve as the facilitator/cell leader of the kids and now, they also reached to Campuses.  Last February 2017, we have reached to more than 1000 students to know Christ through a preventive seminar entitled “Love, Courtship and Mistakes”.


This March 26, 2017, as what Tito David and Tita Maria have shared us to reach out to the families of the incarcerated, we will be launching “Family Assembly”.  We have invited the families of these incarcerated that we are ministering every Monday to come, fellowship, be ministered as we meet their needs and as the gospel of salvation be shared to them.


Indeed, these all will not be possible without the move of our Lord, without the people behind each of its victory, without the people who pray for us, talk to us each day send support to us, monetarily and most specially spiritually.

our leadership:
Rev. Edwin & Rax Colangoy
Maria & David Holstein



Senior Pastors

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