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NCC Family Project

NCC Family Project is a Child Development Arm of the church.  It is a combination of feeding program, school reinforcement, medical assistance, scholarship and financial aid, career guidance and Parent’s assembly.

Learn how to join to these ministries
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Feeding Ministry

One of the goals of NCC is to look for impoverish community that we can adopt in prayers, connect to the community leader and to initiate a feeding program in areas near the worship hall.  As we connect to the community leader such as Barangay Captain, we ask permission to them if we can bless their place through gathering their kids, feeding them nutritious food and teach them about Jesus. 

R.A.G.E.D. Ministry

Raising Up A Generation with Excellent Destiny. 


A special ministry that aims to reach young people in the campus, parents of the kids who belong to the feeding program and NCC Family Project.

Campus Ministry

We are privileged to be connected to 2 big High Schools in our city.  CAA Las Piñas National High School (2016-2017) and Las Piñas North National High School.  We conduct values formation in each classes atleast once a week, and a CAMPUS RAGED atleast twice a year. 

In the CAMPUS RAGED, all students from Grades 7-10 (around 1,000-1500 students) gather in the quadrangle.  They are given preventive seminar on Love, Courtship and Mistakes.  We also give Life coaching at the start of the academic year.

Tutorial Ministry

Every Saturday, the kids/youth who were promoted to Family Project get to enjoy an academic reinforcement/tutorial for free.  Lessons from schools are discussed to them:


“My child knows the sound of the letters because of the Family Project.  When he had the lesson about the sounds, he got commendations from the teacher because it was already taught in the project.”

Mrs. Sagaysay, mother of the recipient

Usher and Greeter Ministry

The first impression is significant for us.  We believe that the first 10 seconds, first 10 minutes, the newcomers in the church will decide if she or he will stay.  Our greeters and ushers will help you to feel comfortable and welcome as a family of NCC

Police and Traffic Officers Ministry

This is where Pastor Edwin ministers to the Police officers, traffic enforcers and even jail guards and prisoners too- sharing God's love and message morning before they go to their post.

Career Guidance

We connect to licensed Guidance Counselors who give free counselling for those students who are in Senior High School and about to enter College.  As Early as Grade 7, we start to discuss to them the possible career that they can choose and help them balance life with academic excellence and deep relationship and service for God’s ministry.

Medical Assistance

Every year, we connect to Barrio Care, an organization that gives free medical assistance, lecture, free consultation and circumcision during summer.

Marketplace Ministry
  • Pastoring in the Local City Government Municipality of Las Pinas, City

  • Pastoring in the neighboring island of Oriental Mindoro: Towns of Mansalay, Roxas, Pola, and Bulalacao.

  • Pastoring Local Businesses in Las Pinas and Parañaque

          -Siegranz Chemworks

          -Adconfix Prinshoppe

Pray Ministry

Morning Prayer

One of the strengths of the church and the reason for us to grow in radical and fast way is because of prayers.  For 4 years now, we meet every Saturday 5:30 AM to pray for the following:

  1. Philippines

  2. Church

  3. Personal Prayers

It is tough, but we never start our Saturday without prayers.  From

Worship Team, Church Leaders, Youth, Young Professionals, they are encourage to join, kneel down and pray.


Year-End Pray Paration

At the end of each year,  we finish it with a prayer. 


Women, God’s Secret Weapon

Every Thursday, the mothers in the church are doing house to house prayer, backing up our church leaders in spiritual and deep intercession.  They also do Prayer Evangelism.  They walk in the streets of the place that we are targeting to open a new Feeding Program


These are the group of mothers who help in preparing nutritious food in the feeding program.  They pray for the ingredients first before starting their plan for the day.  They also cook food when we have a project on Blessing the City.

Marriage/Couple Ministry

The Marriage/Couple Ministry seeks to provide an arena for the fellowship of married couples to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and enhance the marriage relationship through biblical and practical resource information as well as insightful and recreation experiences.

Scholarship and Financial Grant

We award this program to financially challenge but well deserved child.  Kids/youth are sent to a private school for college, stipend, school supplies, uniform, school bags and shoes.

R.A.G.E.D. Ministry
Usher & Greeter
Police & Traffic Officers
Career Guidance
Medical Assistance
Scholarship & Financial Grant
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